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University Ramon Llull - study in Spain

University IQS , is located in Barcelona and it is one of the most prestigious and famous universities in Cataluña. If you want to study in Spain in this university you should know that their education principles are based on innovation, quality and personal development of students.

University IQS - study in Spain

IQS collaborates with Universidad de Deusto and Comillas in the project Aristos Campus Mundus 2015 and has the certificate of Campus de Excelencia Internacional provided by the Spanish government to the most international and high quality universities.

All studies offered in IQS belong to the European Area for Higher Education. Especially prestigious are Industrial Technologies engineering, Chemical engineering and Pharmacy, taught in IQS since 1905.

The main features of IQS are:

  • Small groups of students
  • Close relationship between professors and students
  • Very important role of new technologies
  • High level researches
  • Agreements with more than 4000 national and international companies and institutions to do internships
  • Promotion of enterprising spirit and innovation
  • Orientation and employment services
  • International view:
    • Agreements with more than 200 international companies
    • Agreements with more than 526 universities all over the world

One of the most outstanding services offered by IQS is Orientation and Information service; a tutor is assigned to each student in order to help individually and solve out any problem that could come up.

In addition IQS offers Professional Career Services with the main goal of guiding students in the labour market. You can find internships in your field of interest and job opportunities for students.

The International Relations Office offers scholarships to study abroad and for international placements. They also support foreign students during the integration process in the university.


The following services are also offered in IQS: Library, Scholarships and financing services, Sport club, Students Union, Communication and IT services and Linguistic services in order to obtain official diplomas of languages.

We can find the following modern facilities in the university:


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