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Modern languages studies in Spain

If you want to study modern languages and translations in Spain you should know that nowadays language studies are becoming popular because of the growing internationalisation of the world and the professional outlets.

Apart from jobs like translator, interpreter, language teacher or intercultural communicator, you could also work in any sector where languages are required.


The most popular degrees in this field are:

  • Modern languages
  • Translation and Intercultural Communication

Both degrees belong to the European Area for Higher Education and are structured in 4 years, has 240 credits (60 credits per year).

We recommend studying Modern Languages and Translation and Intercultural Communication in Spain in Universidad Europea in Madrid (UEM) and UCAM in Murcia. In both universities language degrees are adapted to the market needs and students are professionally prepared to master two languages. Those degrees are taught in English as a main language and a secondary language can be chosen between French or German.

  • UCAM in Murcia offers the possibility of obtaining and specialisation in Language and Intercultural Communication or Teaching and Learning of Foreign Languages. UCAM offer internships abroad in the 3rd and 4th academic course in various countries depending on the language selected to practise.
  • Universidad Europea in Madrid offers double degree in Translation and Intercultural Communication, 5 academic years in total. They also offer Chinese among the secondary languages to choose from and as well offer placements in China and other countries.

In addition,Universidad Europea in Madrid organises internships for students in national and international translation companies. They also collaborate with the Solidarity Translation Agency and every year organise visits to the headquarters of United Nations in Geneva to get more knowledge about the daily work of interpreters.

If you want to study Modern Languages and Translations in Spain do not hesitate to contact us.

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