Pharmacy studies in Spain

If you want to study Pharmacy in Spain you should know that Pharmacy belongs to the European Area for Higher Education and lasts 5 years, has 300 credits in total (60 credits per year).

During the degree the necessary knowledge to be an expert in Biology and Medicine’s Chemistry and the ability to apply this knowledge to practical cases is being provided.

In the first years of Pharmacy studies Chemistry, Biology, Physiology, Biochemistry are being taught. Later on specialised subjects like Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical technology and Toxicology are being introduced.

Once Pharmacy is completed, there are many professional outlets in Spain and in the European Union. You could work in the investigation and development, production and quality control, pharmacy management and customer service accordingly. The most common sectors to work are pharmaceutical industry, food and beverage industry, public health, public research centres, hospitals or education.

We recommend to study Pharmacy in Spain in the following universities: Universidad Europea in Madrid (UEM), Universidad de Ramón Llull (URL) in Barcelona, Universidad CEU in madrid and UCAM in Murcia.

These universities offer a high quality and multidisciplinary education in Pharmacy, modern facilities, expert professors and reduced number of students in each group.

They offer internships in hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry having agreements with national and international companies.

The education in those universities is focused not only on the knowledge but also on the communication skills and business management in order to be able to run your own business.

There are also double degrees like Pharmacy and Optics and Optometry or Pharmacy and Biotechnologies.

In addition, in the university Ramón Llull (URL) in the 5th year you can choose between 4 types of specialisation: Food and Nutrition, Assistance Pharmacy, Design and Production of Medicine or Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management.

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