Spanish language

If you want to study in Spain you should know that Spanish is the official language and it is the second most used language in the world. Each day there are more and more people learning and using it.

That is why in most Spanish universities the degrees are taught in Spanish, except for Universidad Europea which has degrees entirely or partly in English or French such as physiotherapy completely in French, Odontology bilingual in English or Engineering completely in English.

Spanish student

If you want to study in Spain, it is not necessary to master the language, although some universities might require a minimum admission level of B1.

Some universities have some specific language test and offer intensive Spanish courses at the beginning of the course.

Another option could be to attend Spanish courses before the sart of the academic year and take the official exam DELE to certify your level. Those exams are managed by Instituto Cervantes, (the institution which belongs to the ministry of Education in Spain).

Usually there are two annual calls for the official DELE exams (the first one in May and the second one in November).

We recommend Universidad de Nebrija to study Spanish because they collaborate with Instituto Cervantes and in their faculty they also organise official calls for DELE exams.

Universidad de Nebrija offers various Spanish courses combining language learning and cultural activities in order to facilitate the integration of foreign students. There are one or two months of intensive courses in summer, autumn and spring, courses lasting one academic course and university programs where university subjects and Spanish courses are combined.

More information can be found in the page about Spanish courses.

As a matter of fact if you want to study in Spain, your spanish skills can be improved by language immersion living with a Spanish family. This way of improving is based on a daily practise with native speakers.

Language exchange is another way to practise Spanish. These meetings are organised via facebook or specific website in most of the cities for free and they usually take place in public libraries, community centres, bars...

Study Spanish

We recommend the following tips to improve Spanish when the academic year already started:

  • Attend the classes regularly
  • Print out and read the notes before attending the classes
  • Study directly in Spanish without translating, just using a dictionary
  • Read and watch films or tv shows in Spanish
  • Communicate with Spanish people and avoid more communicating just with people from your own country
  • Participate in cultural activities to meet up locals

Co-official languages in Spain

If you want to study in Spain you should know that even though Spanish is the official language, there are also co-official languages existing in some Spanish regions.

Some of them are Catalan in Cataluña and Baleares, Valencian in Valencia, Basque in Basque Country and Galician in Galicia.

However, most of the universities in the regions mentioned above teach in Spanish and they offer free cultural activities to integrate foreigners.