Visa European students - study in Spain
  • Stays lasting less than three months: Additional documents are not required. It is necessary to have a valid passport or identity card.
  • Stays lasting more than three months: It is not necessary to have visa, but within three months from the date of the entry into Spain you will be required to submit a registration application in person at the Immigration Office in the province where they intend to stay or take up residence, if not, you must go to the local Police Station, and register in the Central Registry for Foreign Nationals.

    Together with the application form the ID card or passport and the following documents must be submitted:

    • Enrolment of the studies in the Spanish university.
    • Health Insurance or European Health Insurance Card valid for the whole stay.
    • Bank statement or declaration showing sufficient resources for themselves and for their families.

Participation in EU programs that promote educational exchanges for students and professors will be considered sufficient accreditation to fulfil these requirements.

After the submission of these documents, a Registration Certificate will be issued immediately with the name, nationality, address, foreign identity number and registration date.  



Non European students must submit different documents depending on the duration of the stay and the country of origin.

  • Stays lasting less than three months, it is not necessary visa unless the country of origin does not have any agreement with Spain.
  • Stays lasting less between 3 and 6 months, it is necessary just visa.
  • Stays lasting more than 6 months, it is necessary visa and Foreign Identity Card.

Student Visa

The student visa may be obtained in the Spanish consulate of their country of origin or legal residence. More information about Spanish consulate abroad can be found in the following link.

Before requesting for student visa, you must be pre-enrolled a public or private official university legally recognized in Spain and obtain an acceptance certificate from the university.

Visa non european students - study in Spain

The following requirements are demanded to obtain a student visa to study in Spain:

  • A passport or travel document recognized as valid in Spain, with a minimum validity period for the stay requested
  • An admission to an educational, private or public higher education institution (officially recognized) to undertake or extend studies, research or training
  • To have sufficient financial means to cover the costs of travel and return home
  • To have the processing fee paid
  • To have public insurance or private health insurance approved with an insurance entity authorized to operate in Spain, covering (throughout the length of stay in Spain), medical expenses and repatriation in case of accident or sudden illness

If the stay is longer than six months it is also required:

  • Not to have any of the diseases that can have serious implications for the public health in accordance with the provisions of the International Health Regulations 2005.
  • No criminal record in a previous country of residence for the past five years.

For more information, please follow the link.

Foreigner Identification Card (TIE)

Foreigner Identification Card - study in Spain

A student that is in spanish territory for more than 6 months has the right and the obligation to request a Foreigner Identification Card (TIE) in the local police office or the Immigration office in Spain. It is a document with the Foreigner Identity Number (NIE) and must be always carried with oneself.

The Foreign Identification Card  must be requested personally within a month from the date of entry in Spain in the Immigration office or the local police station.

The following documents are necessary:

  • A completed and signed application form (EX-17) (original and copy)
  • A passport or travel document with the entry stamp, signed or marked at a border post. By default, passport or valid travel document and declaration must be made in person at any police station or at the Foreign Office within 72 hours from the date of entry into Spain; or, if applicable, the registration certificate.
  • Three recent photographs, in color, on a white background, passport size.
  • Visa, if necessary.
  • Document of resolution granting authorization that justifies the issuance of the card (unless the subject consents to the checking of such information by the Central Government).
  • Receipt of the paid fee.
  • Proof of membership and / or registration with the Social Security, if applicable

Important NOTE: [the original documents must be presented, which will be returned once the copies are collected].

More information can be found in the following link.