Validation and equivalence of foreign degrees

Validation of foreign degrees - study in Spain

  • Validation of foreign degrees means the professional and academic recognition of the degree.
  • Equivalence of a foreign degree means the academic recognition of the degree.

Since the incorporation of Spain to the European Space for Higher Education, validation and equivalence of degrees are easier. However, the following requirements must be met by a foreign university:

  • A competent institution in the country of origin must have issued the degree according to the legal and administrative requirements.
  • Confirmation that the possessor of the degree complys with the required level of studies to be admitted to a Spanish universities.
  • Confirmation that the possessor of the degree has completed a full cycle of post-secondary studies that accredits an academic level equivalent to a Bachelor´s or Master´s course.
  • Confirmation that all necessary competences have been acquired corresponding to the degree for which the recognition is requested.

The decree states that in case of validation of the European higher education diploma, each country can have their own requirements and should be consulted with the institutions of the country.

Extra training to study in Spain

Extra training to study in Spain

If you want to study in Spain but the studies to be validated are not enough according to Spanish university system, (also not enough to deny validation completely), some extra training can be required.

The extra training can be aptitude tests, internships, projects or courses to compensate the lack of knowledge.

Degrees regulated for validation to study in Spain

The following degrees are official degrees in Spain and are required to practise the pertinent professions; therefore, can be validated:

Medicine; Veterinary; Nursery; Physiotherapy; Dentistry; Pharmacy; Speech therapy; Optics and Optometry; Podiatry; Occupational therapy; Dietetics and Nutrition; Psychology; Civil Engineering; Mines Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Aeronautical Engineering; Agricultural Engineering; Forest Engineering; Naval Engineering; IT Engineering; Architecture; Public works Engineering; Topographical Engineering; Early years Education; Primary Education; Law; Secondary School Studies and Sixth Form, Professional training and Language Education.

Degrees regulated for equivalence to study in Spain

The following fields are regulated for equivalence in Spain:

  • Arts and humanities:Arts, Humanities and Languages.
  • Social Science and Law:Social Science and Politics; Accounting, Economy, Business and Economics; Journalism, Information Science; Hotel management and tourism; Education; Legal studies (excluding Law); and Behavioural Science.
  • Science:Biology; Environment; Physics, Chemistry, Geology; Maths and Statistics.
  • Health:Health and Welfare (except for those degrees regulated for validation).
  • Engineering and Architecture:IT; Engineering not regulated for validation; Industry and Production; Agriculture; Silviculture; and Fishing.


In order to perform validation and equivalence of foreign education diplomas to study in Spain, you should apply to the ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports and submit the documents required any public register of the Central Government, Regional Governments and some of the Local Authorities (many City Councils have signed agreements that allow them to act as a public register.

The equivalence and validation fees are 160€.

Procedure to study in Spain

The following documentation will be required:

  • Online application form
  • Notarised copy of the identity card
  • Notarised copy and certified translation of the diploma
  • Notarized copy and certified translation of the academic certificate containing many details as the duration, study programme and subjects.
  • Payment documents

The resolution of the process takes 6 months since the submission of the application form to the ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

*In order to perform validation and equivalence of Spanish higher education diplomas in other countries, you should address the ministry of Culture of the desired country. Official academic certification and certified translation could be required.