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CEU University has more 80 years of experience, has more than 31.000 students from 40 different countries and it is located in Madrid and Valencia.


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CEU University belongs to the European Area for Higher Education and offers a wide range of degrees, double degrees, post-graduate studies, phd programs and online studies.

CEU University offers many programs in English like Architecture, Business, Communication, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary and Medicine. As well, CEU Valencia offers the possibility of studying Veterinary in French during the first years.

The main features of UCAM university are:

  • International visión: international programs in Europe, Boston, Chicago, Columbia or Fordham.
  • Employability: more than 89% of the students find a job in less than 3 months.
  • Entrepreneurship: focus on students’ developement of their talents and skills
  • Research: 70 active projects and investments of more than  8 million euros.

The academic model is based on academical and profesional excellence, innovation, and development of human values of the students. In order to achieve these goals CEU University uses practical education, seminars, resarch works, tutorials and complementary activities.

Since the begining, CEU University offers academical tutors to help the students during the whole learning process in order to improve their personal and academical capacity.

Besides, CEU University offers many complementary services to help students: Language Center, Counseling department, Employment information point, Cultural and sport  activities services, Medical cabinet, Psichological and volunteering office.

CEU univeristy also has very modern facilities where students can perform different activities. 


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