Physiotherapy studies in Spain

If you would like to study Physiotherapy in Spain you should know that Physiotherapy has a growing demand in Spain and Europe due to the bigger interest in health care and healthy habits recently.

There are more students coming each year to Spain to study Physiotherapy because there is high quality education in this field and the labour possibilities extend all over the European Union.

Physiotherapy offers many professional outlets in hospitals, medical centres, private clinics, geriatrics, spas, sports centres, esthetical centres and also educational careers in universities among others.

Physiotherapy belongs to European the Area for Higher Education and lasts 4 years, has 240 credits in total (60 credits per year).

During the degree the necessary knowledge to identify and treat injures, preventive procedures and techniques, rehabilitation recovery treatments against physical pathologies is being provided.

Some of the subjects in the first years of Physiotherapy are Anatomy, Physiotherapy, Biology, Biomechanics and in the following course there are more specialised subjects like methodologies of Physiotherapy interventions or clinic specialities.

We recommend studying Physiotherapy in Spain in Universidad Europea in Madrid (UEM) and Valencia (UEV) . According to the Spanish newspaper “El mundo” it is one of the five best universities to study Physiotherapy in Spain.

There are also prestigious universities to study Physiotherapy in Spain like Universidad CEU in Madrid, and UCAM in Murcia.

In addition, the universities we have mentioned before offer a big amount of clinical trainings with reduced number of students in very well known hospitals and clinics and high quality professors. Some of them teach in English, Italian or French and also offer the possibility of studying double degrees.

Double degrees are a great choice by simply adding one more year and some more subjects per year to a single degree, you can complete two degrees at once. Universities usually offer double degrees in Physiotherapy and Sports Science or Physiotherapy and Podiatry.

If you want to study Physiotherapy in Spain do not hesitate to contact us.

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