Dentistry studies in Spain

Odontology belongs to the European Area for Higher Education and lasts 5 years, has 300 credits in total (60 credits per year).

If you want to study Odontology in Spain you should know that Odontology is one of the most demanded degrees and therefore to be admitted in public universities could be rather complicated. There are several private universities also offering Odontology in Spain like Universidad Europea in Madrid (UEM) and Valencia (UEV), Universidad CEU in Madrid, and UCAM in Murcia.

Those universities offer high quality education adapted to the labour market and in some cases the possibility to study in two languages: English and Spanish. Admissions are usually easier than in public universities, the main requirement is Credencial UNED (based on the high school marks).

The study programme in the first years of Odontology in Spain is very basic with subjects like Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacology in order to be able to specialise in a specific field in the following years. Later on subjects like Odontopediatry, Orthodontics, Preventative odontology, Medical Pathologies are being added to the course accordingly. In addition, in the universities mentioned before the integrated Odontology is being taught; this subject joins theoretical and practical knowledge learned during the studies and teaches how to use it professionally.

In private universities there is a big amount of practical subjects, modern facilities and specialised labs, simulation classrooms with mannequin patients, practices with teammates and clinical trainings with real patients in modern clinics adapted to the latest technologies.

Most of the private universities have their own University Dentistry Clinics, where they offer medical care to patients under the guidance of professional odontology professors.

In these clinics students who want to study Odontology in Spain can practice Preventive odontology, Comprehensive odontology, Odontopediatry, Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, dental prostheses, root canals and surgeries among others.

Once the degree is completed, students can also study a specialised master or work in any country of the European Union. Odontology has many professional outlets like working in clinics, health care centres, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, research projects, educational careers in universities, etc.


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