NIE - foreign identity number

NIE - study in Spain

NIE is an identity number for foreigners, compulsory for Europeans and non Europeans staying in Spain for more than 3 months

This identity number is requested to make a contract with a Spanish telephone operator, to transfer money, to buy a car or a house, for paperwork, etc.

To obtain NIE, the following applications will be accepted:

  • Those that are presented in Spain and applied for by the solicitor.
  • Those that are presented in Spain through a representative.
  • Those that are presented in the Spanish embassies or consular offices located in the country of residence of the applicant, relevant to their area of residence.

Requirements necessary to obtain NIE are:

  • Being in Spain legally.
  • Explanation of the reason to request a NIE (for tax reasons, property or commercial registries, notaries, traffic, social security, national employment institute, etc.).

Documentation necessary to obtain NIE:

  • Printed-standard application (EX-15), completed and signed by a foreigner.
  • A passport copy and original, an identification document (if the solicitor is a member of the EU), or travel document, or certificate of registration.
  • Communication from the financial, professional or social causes that justify the request.
  • When requested by a representative, a certification stating expressly that the representative has the authorization to make such a request.

Consulate - study in Spain

A solicitor can apply directly in the headquarters of police, or through the immigration office or the local police station.

The following link will provide all the information how to arrange a meeting to apply for the document in the closest police office in your region.

If the application is outside Spain, a solicitor must go to the General Consulate in person or by duly accredited representative. The list of Spanish consulates can be found in the following link.

More information can be found in the website of the Ministry.

NOTE: This identity number is directly obtained after the application of the following documents:

  • European citizens: Registration Certificate
  • Non European citizens: Foreigner Identification Card (TIE)