If you want to study Medicine in Spain you should know that Medicine is one of the most demanded degrees in Spain because of the prestigious of the Spanish health system, and that is why it requires the highest marks. Generally there are limited places and only the best students are able to get them. Besides that a medicine degree requires much effort and vocation due to the length of the degree, the uncountable number of study hours investment in order to pass the exams and the high number of practical educational trainings.

Medicine studies in SpainOn the other hand, it offers a wide range of professional outlets. Once the specialisation is completed, students can work in any public or private health care institution in the whole European Union.

Doctors that studied Medicine in Spain can work in public or private health care centers, health promotion and research projects, health care institutions management, military health service, NGO projects, sports medicine, new technologies applied to medicine or education among many other possibilities.

Medicine belongs to the European Area for Higher Education and it lasts 6 years, having 360 credits in total (60 credits per year). This structure fulfills the European requirements.

During this degree the basic concepts of biological and physiological processes implied in the development of illnesses, adequate skills for diagnosing, treatments and methodology for health promotion and maintenance, illnesses prevention and rehabilitation techniques are being taught. Once medicine degree is completed, the state exam called MIR must be take in order to choose the specialisation desired. During the degree students are prepared to take this exam.

In Spain Medicine is being taught in public universities where higher marks are required and some private ones as well. Private universities evaluate the high school marks and have some specific tests to evaluate the admission possibilities.

The most prestigious private universities to study medicine in Spain are UCAM in Murcia and Universidad Europea in Madrid. Their study programs meet all the requirements of the European Area for Higher Education and have modern facilities and labs adapted to the latest technologies. They offer clinical trainings with real patients, high quality teachers and reduced number of students. In addition, they offer full preparation for MIR exam in order to pass the exam without any problems and be able to choose the desired specialisation.

Admission processes to study Medicine in Spain usually start in March and ends in July.

In the admission process UCAM evaluates the average mark of Credencial UNED (based on the high school marks) and does a personality test usually between July 1st and July 10th every year.

In the admission process Universidad Europea de Madrid (UEM), does a competences test online, a biomedical knowledge test in person as well as English and Spanish tests. These tests take place between March and May every year.

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