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If you want to study Engineering in Spain you should know that Engineering is one of the most prestigious degrees because of the high difficulty and professional outlets.

Nowadays the society is developing technologically and this fact has promoted many engineering specialisations and many degrees to choose from. In Spain Engineering degrees belong to the European Area for Higher Education and it lasts 4 years, has 240 in total credits (60 credits per year).

The best universities to study Engineering in Spain are Universidad Europea in Madrid (UEM) and Universidad IQS in Barcelona.

Engineering and Architecture studies in Spain

The most outstanding degrees offered in the universities mentioned before are:

  • Architecture
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Telecommunications System Engineering
  • Industrial Technology Engineering
  • Telematics Engineering

University Ramón LlullUniversity IQS offers a study programme based on academic excellence and innovative education adapted to the market demand.

They have agreements with more than 4000 national companies and 200 international companies.

Besides, their education system is focused on internationalisation and that is why they have more than 526 agreements with the universities worldwide.

Engineering degrees are being taught in reduced group of students and based on a close relationships between students and professors in order to improve the education quality.

Among all the engineering offered by IQS is the most outstanding Industrial Technology Engineering and Chemistry and Biotechnology engineering. In addition it offers the following double degrees:

  • Industrial Technology Engineering + Business and Economics
  • Biotechnology + Business and Economics
  • Chemical Engineering + Business and Economics
  • Chemical Engineering + Chemistry

If you want to study engineering in University IQS do not hesitate to contact us.

University Europea de Madrid Universidad Europea in Madrid (UEM) has a leading academic excellence and research and offers a wide range of Engineering based on Project Based School methodology. This method is innovative and multidisciplinary and students work on real projects with companies that have an agreement with the university.

In UEM the education system is based on reduced groups of students and an individual monitoring plan focused on the merger of theoretical and practical knowledge.

UEM offer modern facilities in order to offer the highest education quality. They have digital production studios, design classrooms, mechanical and material studios.

Besides, UEM offer double degrees in all the engineering with Business and Economics in order to run your own business.

The education system is also focused on internationalisation and specifically engineering can be studied in English or bilingual. Because of the international vision of the university it is also possible to study double degree together with University of California at Riverside, Staffordshire University or Hertfordshire University. They also have agreements with 55 European and American universities. Some degrees can be studied online like Computer Engineering or blended learning (studies can be coordinated with other activities).

If you want to study Engineering in Universidad Europea in Madrid do not hesitate to contact us.

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