Certified translation

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and Spanish universities require the certified translation to Spanish of any academic document to be valid.

Certified translation - study in Spain

Generally the submission of the original document or the notarised copy and the certified translation of the document are required.

If you want to study in Spain the main documents you have to translate into Spanish are diplomas, academic records, certificates and sometimes the study programmes of the degree and subjects. This certified translation is used for equivalence and validation of diplomas, recognition of credits, enrolment, etc.

The certified translation can be done by:

  • Translator/interpreter legally registered in Spain: ,for the official translation to be valid, the translator/interpreter needs to be part of the "List of legal translators-interpreters" that is published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC):


  • Any diplomatic representative, or Spanish consular abroad, by diplomatic representation, consulate in Spain from the country of origin, or, in this case, of the origin of the document. .

In either of the two cases, the diplomatic representative that translates and validates the translation needs to certify the accuracy of the translation and the contents must match all of the original documents including the legalization procedure.